Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Non-anime style drawings (disney?!)

Disney characters that I have drawn during my free time:


Will Vandom

Hay Lin

Susan Vandom, mother of Will Vandom

Father of Hay Lin

W.I.T.C.H. is a comic series made in Disney of Italy, Elisabetta Gnone is the creator of the series, there is both comic and animation made for this series. The animated series is made in France. I didn't like the look of the characters in the animated series, the comic looks rather decent the first few starting issue, and then later the characters started to stray from how they first look like.
Rough comic pages I drew for my own story, these two pages were direct reference to W.I.T.C.H. issue 2.

For this set, it was a revision of this scene in W.I.T.C.H. issue 10 where Elyon was angry at this guard whiping and threatening to throw a innocent in jail.

This set here is also posted on my deviantart =

This is Hay Lin in her revisioned halloween costume from W.I.T.C.H. issue 1.
I planned to make her wear this outfit through out her journey to try to return home to Heatherfield with Wu Ming.

Back 3 years ago, I was using Pocahontas as my first disney character to pair up with my own original character, Wu Ming, in my attempt to make my own Kingdom Hearts side story. (Unfortunately I gave up on it because I didn't want it to be Kingdom Hearts and I also didn't want to be applying this same idea )

This one here is also posted on my deviantart:

Brief Story of why Hay Lin and Wu Ming are together:
Wu Ming and a sorcerer adept named Rally were forced into a time vortex (like the one in Onimusha 3) that landed them both back in time, arriving in a city called Heatherfield but Ming arrived later than Rally.

In this time, the world is a safer and a much more peaceful place to be in. Ming is happy about it but sadly he knows this isn't where he needs to be. So ever since he arrived Heatherfield, mechanical like wolves, eagles etc also came through the same time portal Ming was. The mechanic beings were attacking the streets and the people, among those that tried to defend themself was Will and Hay Lin (characters from W.I.T.C.H.), the both of them tried to fight the mechanical beings off with their magic but it seems to have no effect on them. Ming saved the two of them right before the mechanical wolf tried to attack them.

Ming talked to them and as they talk their conversation drifted towards time vortex and the arrival of Rally. In need to meet Rally, he asked Hay Lin and Will to take him to her.

Later on in the story, Ming, Rally and the rest of the WITCH girls fell through time vortex which each group was sepearated in 2 and sent to different time.

The time I speak of here could be any existing animation series or movies. Ranging from anime, disney and 3D animation. In the end, this story is just like SQUARE-ENIX's Kingdom Hearts.

武劲仁 (Wu Jing Ren)

Wu Jing Ren, a sad yet self determined character who learns things 10 times slower than many people. He feels inferior and humiliated when being compared to his classmate, every time he lost in a duel or being criticized he vows to be stronger than everyone in this world. With his fueled determination he is motivated to improve his martial arts and his daily life.

It took him a great deal of time to master all his martial arts technique, by the time he was done with training and ready to graduate he was already 30 plus. Other regular students whom were in the same class as him, graduated 10 years earlier.

It may have took him longer than others to graduate from school but he is now a master that surpassed many ordinary martial artist. After becoming a master in martial arts, he also acquired the title "Blademaster". After going through many hardships and extra intensive training he is convinced that with dedication and hardwork, anyone can achieve their strength in life.

The title "Blademaster" is only attainable after passing the Emperor's test. Blademasters who worked for the Emperor will be sent around the around to make sure there are no conspiracy or threat leading to the empire. This is a very important job, the risks are high and your life is at stake therefore the emperor pays you well to ensure the safety of the empire.

However in one day, an encounter with a stranger completely shattered his beliefs, along with his hard earned title.

The scars on his face are proof of an unfairly matched adversary who attacked him just to for fun. This adversary could easily learn things in an instant allowing him to read attacks and react; avoid them ; identifying weak spot, and unleashing techniques that is 10 times powerful than its original potential. He read through all of Jing Ren's technique and teachings just by looking at him.

After Jing Ren's defeat, he became very depressed. All the hardwork he has been through became just an easy example for someone else to copy it in a minute.

Since then, he questions the value of diligence to improve oneself, if one is pursuing something that is so easily achievable by others, where is the value of diligence? Is it worth spending the time just to be outmatched that easily? Was this entire process just a waste of time?

Jing Ren's earlier look in development. His hair is not spikey.

Wu Jing Ren's earliest concept art:

Sketched of Jing Ren appearance in development

In my first post, Jing Ren is wearing a Dragon Armor that he made by himself to fight a war that would ultimately decide the fate of world. In this story, a Dragon Armor can only be allowed to be worn by the emperor himself and his militia elites and guards. Jing Ren was the last and surviving elites in the country to be called to the palace by the emperor of Qin to standby for the country's last stand against the enemy army.

Sketches of Jing Ren in armor:

And then finally this temporary finalise design of Jing Ren's Dragon Armor

Clean up artline

Couples in a coffee shop rotoscope


Previously it is about rotoscoping active motion , this one is about subtle motion that carries emotion.

The story is just a random encounter in a coffee shop.

In the video, the girl walks into a coffee shop, walks towards an occupied table where a guy was day dreaming about girls, immediately the moment she sat at his table he awoken from his daydream. Surprise to see a girl at his table he took the opportunity to have a conversation with the girl and hoping go out on a date together in the future.