Monday, May 18, 2009

武劲仁龙盔甲更新 (Wu Jing Ren's Dragon Armor Updated)

Wu Jing Ren in his own smithed Dragon Armor, having huge doubts of his own armor and the chance of surviving the war between the emperor's army and the unknown army.
If he fails to kill the enemy's leader, the world will be doomed.

This is the Dragon Armor's final design for modeling in Maya:

First rough color palette colored by a good friend of mine:

I started doing the 2nd rough color palette:
Gold Flame

The 3rd rough color palette:
The armor of the late emperor of Qin
(the one in the Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)

4th rough color palette:
Flame, Wind and the blessing of the Emperor's Robe

Jing Ren's has to 2 elemental strength, Fire and Wind

5th rough color palette:
The Emperor

6th rough color palette: Fire Lord

7th rough color palette:
Lingering Spirit: Armored Terra
from Kingdom Hearts II FINAL MIX

8th rough color palette:

9th Rough Color Palette:
The Emperor's Armor
10th Rough Color Palette:
The Last Warrior

Regular Rough armor color palettes:

The last few sketches that decides led to the final design: