Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lu Tian Feng 陆天峰 ver.1 design

Final concept art

Final Improved ver.

Lu Tian Feng's very first concept art.


Character Turn Table in 3D

3D Animations


The Chicken Sack

The classic sack animation:
The assignment is about making the sack pick up a object.
The story in this video is about a sack that acts like a chicken and it thinks he is the most strongest being the whole world.


Vega Boy

This is my first human model in 3D, in this class we must design and create the character in Maya. The boys design is based on Street Fighter 2's final boss, Vega (a.k.a. M. Bison).

After making the model we rig it and animate the character. In this video, the boy at a very young age has developed extreme muscle growth, he worked really hard in the gym to build up those muscle so that he could take revenge on those bullies whom picked on him. After the gym workout, his personality turn a 180 degree turn from the good to evil. Now he only cares about world domination.


MS-01AS Blazing Guts

My very first attempt in building a gundam like mecha, the assignment was merely just about using the camera to express the mood. My camera mood is excitement. It was a very ambitious attempt to do this model as I was still learning how to model in Maya, this was also the final assignment for this class. The design structure was based on Duel Gundam Assault Shroud.