Friday, July 3, 2009

New added advertisement

I just added PlayAsia's advertisement banner (Its at the end of this webpage because I didn't want the banners in the way of looking at my works).
I am on the affiliated program, by clicking on the link and purchasing their items, I will get commission from Playasia.
So guys if there's anything you like in the banner please give it a click, your support is most appreciated. And so if there's anything you need from PlayAsia please let me know, I will update the banners.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wu Jing Ren 3D model: Work in Progress

This is my work-in-progress 3D model of Wu Jing Ren, currently only the face and the hands are smooth. The armors are all still display with hard edges so it still looks blocky. Next I will be bringing it into Z-brush, to sculpt the details and extra stuffs; and texture the whole body and armor.

Extra report:
Its hell to use nurbs to do the hair one by one, took me the whole day to cover up the top of the head with hairs. I am sure there is a better way of doing hairs and faster but I am uncertain it would be easy to do. For doing character's hair in 3D, I am trying to achieve similar look like FF XIII's character.

Close up on face (Updated on July 2nd 2009)

Quarter Side view of face: Left

Quarter side view of face: Right

Back view of the head

Side view of face

Full body front

Full Body quarter side

Full body Back

Dragon Gaunlet

Shoulder Dragon Armor

Dragon Chest Armor
(will be brought into Zbrush to sculpt out the details on the chest)

Back view of the Dragon Chest Armor

Waist Belt

The Boots

Boots back view

Boots Side View