Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wu Jing Ren 3D model: Work in Progress 2

Model is much more smoother than last version. Add a little more detail on the Chest armor and slight details on the rest of the entire armor. And then I am off to Zbrush, still wondering what else can I add to the armor details, I have done most of it in Maya already....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Character Portrait for my future fighting game 2

蕾莉 希尔法柏特 Rally Silverbolt (temporary name)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Character Portraits for my future fighting game

無命 Wu Ming

卡利可斯 Calicus

The posting of these two drawings were being motivated by the fighting game "Blazblue" made by Arc System Works. This game inspire me to redraw my exsiting characters and also to create some new ones. These two characters have been with me for more than 5 years, and therefore there are the first two to be drawn. I will be adding more character portraits like these very soon, once I am done with all the characters I will start coloring them in cel-shade or color it like BlazBlue characters.

Sketches of Ming and Calicus

This sketch is drawn just a few sketches before Calicus's character portrait is drawn. This was just a practise drawing to draw Wu Ming and Calicus. Calicus didn't turn out so well, Wu Ming's pose wasn't that great either.

Concept art of Wu Ming's attempt to tackle Calicus while they are both taking baths \/

Concept art of Calicus trying to attempt intimacy with Ming after swiming in the beach

The relationship between Ming and Calicus (prototype script)

Ming always used to think that women of all kinds knew nothing about anything and couldn't do anything to save themselves from being treated badly but all of that changes when Ming saw Calicus being able to do everything all by herself without anyone's help and stood up against the impossible obstable and threat. Ming fell in love with her because of her strong personality but also hated her at the same time for being so self-centered, stubborn and refuses to listen.

Calicus was being arranged to be married to another elf of a nobel family after her mission. She was actually looking forward to that since that elf was among the manliest and the most handsome of them all. Calicus doesn't like man who are shorter than her but through her journey with Ming she developed interest and love for him. Although he was short no doubt about it but he demostrated strength, knowledge and wisdom beyond most men. For Calicus, the actual love trigger was that Ming was the only guy that was good to her and also the only one who dared to made fun of her. The only thing that annoys her would probably be his brute personality to use force as a solution to end any dispute.

One of Wu Ming's first few concepts:

Wu Ming promotion-like poster art done years ago

Mock-up rough character portrait done long time ago

Final designs of Wu Ming

Old Sketches of Wu Ming:

Calicus's first concept art:

Calicus's design above is based on Luna Moonfang from a Warcraft 3 mod: DOTA Allstars

Calicus's second concept art:

Calicus's Final Concept Art:

This sketch \/ is what lead to Calicus's final concept art:

Older sketch of Calicus after a few concept arts of herself

Close ups on Calicus's face two drawing attempts to get the face right \/

Unfortunately the first drawing of the face is the second attempt while the second drawing is the first attempt. Why so? Because it is drawn with the help of HOW TO DRAW female faces book (western drawing style). While the second attempted one is based on my current style that time.