Thursday, September 3, 2009

无命 Wu Ming in color

So many style of coloring was going through my head while I was coloring this piece.
There is the Nomura style of coloring, BlazBlue style of coloring, KOF 12 style of coloring but by the time I start coloring I ended up using my own knowledge of coloring and instinct to get the piece done.

Normally this should only take 5-7 hours to be colored but since I haven't been practicing my coloring since I left my undergraduate college. This took me 4 days(before it was 3 days, I spent another day to rework on the nose and left hand) to color, I don't know why but it will appears that I color very slow or I spent to much time working on the small parts.

So this is my 2nd colored piece since last year's Spring Quarter.

About Wu Ming:
He is a martial artist whose technique are based on blade motions of any kind. He uses a broad saber which grants him the ability to disappear into shadows and reappear from a different shadow.

In the 24th century, a tyrant emperor takes control of the entire world and nobody stands a chance against the emperor. Wu Ming desires to end the emperor's life in order to achieve enlightenment and peace. Therefore he goes back in time with Rally's time portal on a mutual quest to change the future.

My next coloring piece would be Calicus, please look forward to it.