Friday, September 25, 2009

Wu Jing Ren 3D model: Work in Progess 5 : Color/Texture mock up

Later updates on the hair, found a straight hair texture online and its alpha map too.

Rendered in Mental Ray, shader materials are Blinn and Phong, therefore the reflective effect.
Probably will change the shader material to Lambert. This is a mock up guys.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wu Jing Ren 3D model: Work in Progress 4

There is no way ordinary people would understand just by making sure your own work looks damn good takes a long time to do so. Nitpicking is also one of the factors of making sure.
All the images below are taken in maya's playblast image viewer(my normals maps do show up in the working area, under the "Renderer" option I switched from "Default Quality Rendering" to "High Quality Rendering") , the mental ray rendering does not show so well.

I add extra details to the waist guard, leg guard and the shoe.