Tuesday, March 30, 2010

武神鬼心宣传图 Promotional Art

This is draw and color for the cover of my portfolio, since we were all require to do I thought I should do something cool for my portfolio cover and thus became this. /\

The theme in this piece is "The fire that to burn towards the next life".

Wu Jing Ren was alone and had a bitter defeat upon death, Wu Ming is his next life. Ming who is not longer a lone wolf like his previous life, travels and journey with Rally on their quest to slay the emperor of their time using whatever means necessary to achieve their goal.

The entire piece is colored using Photoshop's gradient tool. An experimental effort and also a test to see if this method works more efficiently and faster than my regular coloring method. The outcome was that it took just as long as my regular method(4-6 hours) to finish the coloring.

This is the lineart before coloring.